Interior design.  From conception through to completion.

We offer design services for private and public interiors, selection of finishing materials, furniture and accessories, field supervision.

We can also offer a one-time advice on the planning decision, the selection of finishing materials both in our office or at your facility. During the consultation, you can solve your questions in the field of interior design, layouts, finishing materials, with the stylistic and color decision.

For customers who do not need the full design  project, it is possible to order the express design  project. You will receive a final plan of the apartment with furniture and explication of the premises with the size. We offer several variants for planning on the basis of your wishes and standards of ergonomics. Deadline 15-17 working days.
For the beginning of work, we need:
– Plan of the apartment with sizes.
– The age composition of the family, the required minimum of furniture, wishes of finishing materials and / or their photo (if they are selected) as well as any other requirements for the future premises.

What you receive in Full design project.
– layout with sizes;
– Plan of dismantled and builded walls;
– Plan of the premises after reconstruction;
– General layout of the room with furniture and equipment (option 2-3);
– Flooring plan;
– Ceiling plan;
– Plan and placement of electrical outlets;
– Plan of switches;
– Plan of lighting furniture;
– Plan of walls;
– Specification of finishing  materials and equipment;
– Visualization of the future interior
Deadline 20 – 60 days depending on the size and complexity.

Visualization of the future interior (3ds Max + Vray) Deadline 7-10 days.
Supervision – (no more than 2 visits per week).
Personal shopping (for the selection of finishing materials, furniture and accessories).


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